About Escobar Aspen, Colorado

Nightclub in Aspen Colorado

Escobar Outdoor Winter Ice Bar

Descending into the sleek underworld of Escobar, guests should get ready to transform into their boldest, sexiest selves. The irony of a nightclub that stashes itself beneath the streets, but evokes the illusion of flight, charges the atmosphere with adventure. Curved ceilings and private tables create intimacy, while reflective walls, made of mirror and steel, expand the sense of space. Amber lights wash the expansive bar in a seductive glow. Neon lasers shiver and flash over bodies in motion, further invoking the magic. And black-and-white portraits of Pablo Escobar keep measured watch all over—pleased, maybe, with the evidence of a modern, cool crowd claiming their right to feel gratifyingly alive.

Escobar is the innovation borne from the brainpower of seven young entrepreneurs from Aspen and abroad. Determined to provide natives and visitors with a venue for indulging and socializing, their goal was to fuse Aspen’s savvy, small-town culture with a lounge vibe so sublime, the club experience transports patrons to an alternate time and place. A modish clientele flocks to Escobar to escape the artifice that burdens the average local outlet with the effect of either trying too hard or not trying at all.

At Escobar, bartenders engage and entertain as they pour PBR tall boys, mix espresso martinis, and offer personalized bottle service. Every night of the week, a DJ cranks out the current scene’s freshest music and the retro tunes highest in demand. Electronic, swing, jazz, Latin, lounge: no matter the track, the cutting edge sound system propels people to their feet and pumps them with a driving energy. For some, the sensation is sultry…for others, uber-inspiring. For most, it’s often both.

Even before the after-hour festivities of Escobar have reached their peak on any given night, the club’s outdoor ice bar on the Hyman Avenue Mall proves an ingenious draw for those seeking cocktails after a day on the slopes. LED lights cast a brisk blue hue through an impeccably crafted sculpture meant to win over potential partygoers and celebrate the winter mecca that is Aspen, Colorado. Along with upscale vodka, champagne, and wine, space heaters warm the souls of guests who stop to admire and toast to this masterpiece of glacial art. It’s only natural that they’d return after dinner to check out the subterranean sphere of Aspen’s hottest nightery.

Escobar calls Aspen’s most attractive and passionate socialites together to revel in liberations and libations. It’s a refuge for loosening up and letting go, stimulating the senses and vitalizing the spirit. Only a club with a namesake like this could deliver on promises like these.